How To Get Rid of Odour from Curtains & Blinds

Questions such as how to get rid of odour from curtains and blinds; how to make curtains smell fresh how to handle smelly curtains or how to remove musty smell from curtains, are commonly and frequently asked to our professional curtain cleaners. The answer to all the questions is the same – curtains cleaning Sydney!

Cooking odours, pets, smoke or other sources make your curtains smell unpleasant. Never however fear; a fresher, better-smelling home is only a call away! Hire curtains cleaning Sydney from professional curtain cleaners.

As you read further, we shall look into the benefits of curtains cleaning Sydney done by our professional curtain cleaners and also share with you, the curtains cleaning tips suggested by them! Here are a few curtains cleaning tips suggested by our professional curtain cleaners.

How To Get Rid of Odour From Curtains And Blinds

Use the Washing Machine:

One way to remove odours from curtains is to toss them in the washing machine, after reading the labels and following the instructions carefully. If your curtains are made of a delicate fabric, take them to professional curtain cleaners.

Steam Cleaning:

Another way to remove smells from curtains is steam cleaning them. Rather than do this yourself, hire curtains cleaning Sydney services. That way, you take care with delicate fabrics to avoid damaging them.

Use a Dehumidifier or Air Purifier:

Curtains could be smelling musty, because the air quality is poor. Using a dehumidifier and an air purifier can help to remove the odour. Place the dehumidifier in the room where the curtains are located and turn it on to remove some of the moisture from your air. An air purifier will help to remove any lingering odours. Place it near the curtains and let it run until the smell is gone.

Vinegar and Lemon Spray:

If you want a natural way to remove smells from your curtains, you can make a vinegar and lemon spray. Simply mix equal parts water, white vinegar, and lemon juice in a spray bottle and spritz it on your curtains. Let the curtains air dry for best results.


One of the best ways to prevent odours from accumulating in your curtains is to ensure that there is good ventilation in your home. Open windows regularly to let fresh air in and help to remove any odours that may be present.

You can also try using a fan to circulate the air in your home and prevent odours from becoming trapped.

Professional Blind Cleaning:

In need of a thorough, professional cleaning? Our professional curtain cleaners and technical experts will remove any dust, debris and lingering smells, leaving you with a fresh set of blinds.

The good news is that it is possible to give your blinds a thorough cleaning without having to take them down. First, open up the blinds and dust each slat using a non-abrasive cloth or duster. Next, use a vacuum to remove any dust that has accumulated on other components of the blinds.

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