How to Keep Your Carpet Clean for Longer Time?

Impression is what decides our character in some or the other way and no one of us wants our impression to be bad just because of cleanliness, as cleanliness is actually considered and proved to be next to godliness. In today’s world, the major portion of our home is covered by carpets, and keeping carpets clean for a longer period of time is often a challenge for many of us. However, every problem has some cure, and thus, here are some tips and tricks to keep your carpet clean for a long period. These include various interesting remedies and preventions. 

Keep Your Carpet Clean
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Tips to Keep Your Carpet Clean for a Longer Time.

  • Vacuum Frequently: –

    If one is living in an area with traffic, windy area or dusty surroundings he/she should vacuum the carpet twice or thrice in a week so as to keep it clean and away from bad odour. However, if one has quite a hectic and busy schedule, then he/she should vacuum at least once a week. Moreover, vacuum slowly over a particular area several times before moving to the next area so as to remove dust particles stuck deep inside. 
  • Treating the Bad Odour: –

    When bad odour come into play, one defending champion always come in mind which is the Baking soda. One can just get a packet of baking soda and simply sprinkle it over your lovely carpet followed by using vacuum or can simply put baking soda in the dust bag and then start Cheap Carpet Cleaning in Sydney. If odour is too strong, sprinkle baking soda and leave it overnight. Baking soda will absorb all the bad odour leaving an odour free carpet ready for vacuum. Vodkas often prove to be a miracle in clearing bad odour from the carpets.
  • Stain Removal: -Food stains are removal when having kids and pets in the house can be a challenge as carpet cleaners often leave soap residues which may prove quite harmful and working with chemicals is never a peace than with natural household remedies. Just make a mixture of dishwashing detergent/liquid with white vinegar, baking soda and warm water and quickly put the solution in a spray bottle (water should be warm to dissolve other materials added), spray the solution over the food stains and clean it with a clean towel. Results- No stains, No odour, Clean stain-free carpet.
  • Banish Dirt and Water: -Using water-absorbent door mats to get rid water before you step on the carpet is one of the best ways to keep your carpet dry. Use thick and coarse door mats so as to scrub off all the dirt before it gets on the carpet. Using shoes over carpet can increase the dirt on the carpets as they have much harder threads than slippers or flip-flops do. To avoid this dirt getting on to your carpets one can either walk barefoot on the carpet or carry separate pair of slippers to walk on carpets. 
  • Using Carpet Shampooer: –

    Hurrying in cleaning process often leaves soap residues on carpet which can prove harmful for health. To avoid it vacuum slowly all over the carpet, use the soap in machines a scoop less than advised quantity with a gallon of hot water so as to prevent soap residues. Shampooing machines are often provided with rinse, if not then take a gallon of water and add a cup full of white vinegar to rinse the machine. This will neutralise the pH after wash.
  • Keep a Note for Stains: –

    Keep a note of handy items that can be used urgently in case of any carpet stain treatment or spills. 
  1. Wine or beer spills can be cleared with club soda
  2. Sticky chewing gums can be easily removed when in contact with ice. Ice makes the gum to freeze and water content reduces the stickiness.
  3. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is useful in case of bloodstains
  4. Shaving cream can be used for various normal stains (Not for stubborn stains)
  5. For stubborn stains one need to have a carpet cleaner at home
  6. Various spills can be easily wiped out by a solution of hot water with few drops of dishwashing detergent.
  • Protection from Furniture: –

    After cleaning carpets try to keep furniture on blocks or pads to avoid spill stains transferring from furniture legs.
  • Prevention: –

    “Prevention is better than cure” is the best way we can keep our lovely carpets fresh and odour-free.
Carpet Cleaning Same Day Services
Carpet Cleaning Same Day Services

Here are Some of The Preventions Which One Can Follow

  1. Add a carpet protection like a rug where you have a lot of foot walk, this will need cleanliness as well, but cleaning rug is always preferable over cleaning the whole carpet.
  2. Walking barefoot on carpet or having a separate pair of slippers for carpets.
  3. Use a rug or pad when sitting, eating or while party sessions so as to avoid spills and getting stubborn stains.
  4. Deep clean the carpets at least twice a year.

Leave It to Professionals

Carpet deep cleaning is a must, at least twice a year is needed to keep the quality and freshness of your dearly carpets. We at Sams Cleaning Sydney recruit a special professional carpet cleaning experts to deep clean the carpets by Quality solvents and natural Carpet Stain Removal Methods. We have professionals to take good care of your carpet with a Satisfaction service. We take the sole responsibility of your carpet from the time it is handed over to us. Why to compromise over quality and time, Just give us a call now.

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