Excellent Services

I am highly satisfied with the duct cleaning done by Sam's cleaning. They were on time, friendly, worked efficiently and I will surely wont forget to call them again if needed !
- Josh

Economic Upholstery Service

Most upholstery professional suggest not to take the risk of cleaning your upholstery by applying the home techniques. Go for a professional skill and technical knowledge for the best care of your upholstery. The manual techniques of cleaning won't work anymore. I find Sams Cleaning Sydney is best for my upholstery cleaning. Thank you Sams team for you best help. I really like their work. They are cost effective and customer oriented as well.
- Ruby

Wonderful Carpet Cleaning

Thanks for a wonderful carpet cleaning!! They came in with some powerful equipment that cleaned all the dirt and made the carpet look like new. Very professional and hard working people. Get in touch with them for good cleaning. They are also not expensive. Thanks for the wonderful cleaning once again.
- kitty

Very happy with the result

We've used Sams Cleaning Sydney more than once and have been very happy with the result. Our recommendation is for the team. they are not only very professional and courteous but one can tell they take a great deal of pride in his work. the team is consultative and organized in his approach which we value. We are more than happy to recommend this company so much so that we've booked recurring appointments for the remainder of the year.
- Max

Wonderful Sydney Carpet Repair Service

I must say Sams Cleaning Sydney is best for carpet repair services for all the suburbs in Sydney. I booked them to get all my office and home carpets repaired as they got damaged by my pet. I am quite satisfied with their work. I found them not so much expensive. Now they are available on Sunday and holidays also. You can book them with a simple phone call. Thank you Sams guys. Keep up good work.
- Willow

worth every penny!

The Sams Cleaning Sydney team is phenomenal. Look no further. I am renting and was advised that the carpets were professionally cleaned. I decided to personally get the carpets cleaned. they managed to lift out stubborn stains and a dirty odour from the carpet. I praise or recommend them enough. What an amazing job!
- Nicole Kidman

"Not to worry about carpets if you have pets as there is Sams Cleaning Sydney Company

I have two cats in my home. They often play on the carpets. So it gets dirty. When the staffs of this carpet cleaning company arrived and carried out their service I was really amazed to see the new look of my favorite carpets.
- Wilson

Incredible Carpet Cleaning Job

I find Sams Cleaning Sydney really providing a cost effective service. They are proving an awesome carpet cleaning service in a very nominal charge. I like their services the most. Thank you Sams Cleaning Sydney for you kind help. They can make your carpet looking as a new one. In my opinion Sams Cleaning Sydney team is providing the best service for Carpet Cleaning Sydney. Just do not think more, go with Sams Cleaning Sydney. The company have adequate knowledge and effective equipment to manage the task.
- Hudson

Mattress Cleaning @ Modest Rates

For affordable mattress cleaning services in Sydney I always use Sams Cleaning. We have been using their services for more than 3 years. It is so good to know that the mattress I sleep on is in no way dirty or has contaminants. Thank you.
- Diego Valarezos

My permanent carpet care-taker

I think the price rates they set up do not give justice to the five star services they provide. Minimum cost and the dedicated and professional staff is what the actual magnification in their work.
- Willow Nguyen

Service was Fabulous!

I never discerned how contemptible my mattress was when I summoned a cleaning team to clean it. Now my mattress looks like brand-new again! The service was fabulous! They knew precisely what type of cleaning my mattress required. Thank You!!!!!!!
- Michelle

Outstanding Sydney Carpet Cleaning

I feel Sams Cleaning Sydney is the best Carpet cleaning service provider in Sydney. I find them not very expensive. I tried many Carpet cleaning services but did not satisfied 100% before I meet Sams Cleaning Sydney. I am quite satisfied with their work. They give a new life to my old carpet. You will get the full value of your money spent. Thank you guys. Keep up good work. I would like to recommend you to all.
- Sarah

Unusual Cleaning Procedure

I am pleased that they cleaned my tiles and grout with the unusual cleaning procedure. They did a great job at my home. I suggest the Sam’s Cleaning Sydney for professional tiles and grout cleaning services. Thank you!
- Stephanie

Really impressed with their work

Hospital is such a place where proper hygiene should be maintained. So I called this carpet cleaning company to clean the carpets that are put everywhere. They arrived in time and cleaned all the carpets beautifully. I am really happy and impressed with their work. I would always like to call them.
- Eva Mendes

Best Services

Thanks Sams Cleaning Sydney for giving excellent carpet cleaning services with the best tools. I am fascinated by your magnificient cleaning services. Thank you!
- Laila

Excellent Sydney Carpet Cleaning Service

I was wondering like anything to get a good Carpet Cleaning Service since last one year. Then all of a sudden I got to know about Sams Cleaning Sydney. They are really good in carpet cleaning. I booked them for a steam cleaning for my office carpet. I am quite happy with their services. You will get the value of your money. Sams Cleaning Sydney is not so pricey also. Try their service and experience the perfection.
- Piper

Wonderful Sydney Clean Carpet Service

I found Sams Cleaning Sydney provide services to all the suburbs in Sydney. They have a nice team of skilled professional who have all the knowledge to deal the carpet issue. My carpet got red wine stain. But Sams carpet Cleaning Sydney removed all the stain marks and turned it to a new one. They did an excellent job. They use latest technology and perfect blend of chemical to clean your carpet and give them a fresh new look.
- Audrey

"Superb Services"

I got the superb upholstery cleaning services from the Sams Cleaning Sydney. I would like to suggest my all friends that they also should try their upholstery cleaning services.
- Tinny

Fantastic Carpet Cleaning Services

What a fantastic carpet cleaning services offered by Sams Cleaning Sydney. They use chemical-free cleaning solutions that are mild on carpets, harmless on environment and safe for kids and pets too. I would like all my carpets to get cleaned by these professionals.
- Tel Kile

Wonderful Mattress Cleaning Sydney

Many often home insects start eating the fiber of the mattress in a slow pace. Thus after a long time you will get a stringy odor from your mattress. To get rid of the smell I tried lots of things. At last I booked Sams Cleaning Sydney for a regular professional cleaning of my mattress. Thank you Sams Cleaning. My mattress got a new look and life. I am quite happy with their work.
- Sophia

”Superb Company”

They do not just say but actually have trained professionals for carpet cleaning in Sams Cleaning Sydney. And it is clearly reflected in the way they perform their task. My carpet looks so shining after it got cleaned that my guests ask if I have bought a new one. They even asked me about the company and would like to use your service. I felt very good about it. The experts of Sams Cleaning Sydney are real gems. Your work is incredible that whoever notice my carpet they start asking about you. Keep it up, guys. I would definitely call you in future too.
- James

Wonderful work!

Sam was prompt, friendly, efficient, did an amazing job on a grotty mattress and for an incredibly competitive price. Will definitely use his services again. Highly recommended.
- Braden

Immidiatly service

We have a guest house, once in a year we planned to go there and the house floor was fully covered with carpet mat. Due to uneven visit, some patches were occurred in mat due to a dirty carpet. Immediately I called this Sams Cleaning Sydney company. I was amazed within a day they cleaned my carpet properly. thank you for this service.
- Jacob Jasmine

Carpet Cleaning - Job well done!

10/10 would recommend. Sam was professional, and made sure I got my money's worth delivering a high quality service. Thank you!!
- Leonardo

Great Service

Their quality of cleaning were great and such services as your Sam’s Cleaning Sydney provides are rare in this area. So hats off for your team and their organised work strength. Thanks, they solved my problems.
- Julian

Happy with Curtain Cleaning

I am writing this to say that I am happy with the curtain cleaning service provided by Sams Cleaning Sydney. Thanks for a nice and affordable cleaning service.
- Mary

Awesome Mattress Cleaning

Sams Cleaning Sydney is the best service provider for your Mattress Cleaning job. It is risky to apply home technique to clean your mattress. Your attempt may spoil the stuff. So better to go for the best professional help of Sams Cleaning Sydney. I tried their service for my Mattress and got good outcome. You can book them for a new look and of your mattress. Thank you Sams Cleaning Team for your king help.
- Olivia

The staffs are very obedient

I should definitely say that before this I had a very bad experience in carpet cleaning. But this Sams Cleaning Sydney company totally changed my view and outlook. They are just too good. Even the staffs are very helpful and obedient. You should try their service.
- Ruby Johnson

Brilliant Duct Cleaning Service

Often it has been seen that dirt and dart block the airflow resulting premature breakdown of your unit. That is the reason duct cleaning is very important. Sams Cleaning Sydney Services is best Duct Cleaning Service provider for my requirement. They are cost effective. I liked their work. They opened my air condition unit and clean all the parts separately. I got impressed with their services. Thank you Sams Cleaning guys for your awesome work.
- Grace

Sparkling Duct Cleaning Sydney Service

Long time accumulated dust and debris can spoil your cooling system. According to the professional's suggestion you should go for regular professional services for your Duct cleaning at least twice a year. Since last six months I was wondering for a reliable duct cleaning Services. I find Sams Cleaning Sydney take good care of your machine. I liked your work guys. I would love to recommend you to all my friends.
- Ivy

"Excellent Cleaning Services"

Thanks to the professionals of this company for giving me excellent cleaning services. Now! I want to recommend their outstanding cleaning services to my all friends and relatives. Thank you!!
- will claudia

Awesome Service at affordable price

Your carpets are likely damaged at some point. However, when this occurs, you usually don’t need to replace your entire carpet. as a direct result, you get the best laying repair job possible.
- Andrew Wilson

Wonderful Tile Cleaning Service Sydney

Sams Cleaning Sydney is good for all your tiles and grout cleaning. Their team really have the knowledge to do the job. Sams Cleaning Sydney is now available on Sundays and other holidays also. I booked them for my home tile cleaning requirement. Now my tiles became very shiny. I liked their work. Thank you Sams Team for your best help. They are affordable. I would like to recommend you guys to all of my friends for their home and kitchen tiles cleaning task.
- Summer

Emergency Tile Cleaning

Thanks to Sam's Cleaning Sydney for a lovely tile cleaning service at our home. We called them on an emergency basis because of some urgency. We are very pleased to share that these guys arrived in no time and did a splendid job. Would love to get their services again and again.
- Linda Doyle

Highly Recommended

I recommend Sams Cleaning Sydney for couch cleaning services to everyone. They have the best skill in the industry. This the best company for in the industry I have tried so far. They appeared on time, they were friendly, they have experience and above all they cleaned my sofa to the moon and back. I am totally satisfied. Thanks a ton guys.
- Lachlan Lily

”No 1 Company”

According to my Sams Cleaning Sydney is the no 1 carpet cleaning company. Their customer service team is amazing. They answered all my questions. The team who came to clean my carpet did a great job. I am so happy with the result and would love to recommend them to all my relatives
- Barry Humphries

World Class Service

Sams Cleaning Sydney cleaners are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that your carpet is thoroughly cleaned. I have used their service 2 times and both the times I received an outstanding result. They tend to give quality carpet cleaning services at unmatched prices. I am in love with their carpet cleaning method, it is very effective and can turn your carpet into a totally new one. They even deodorize my carpet after cleaning it. Book the services of Sams Cleaning Sydney, if you wish to get your carpets cleaned by the highly professional cleaners.
- Andrew Wilson

Trustworthy Carpet Repair Services

I call the experts of this company because i wanted carpet repair services and surprisingly, received excellent and trustworthy carpet repair services. Guys! You should also try their services. They work professionally. Thank you!
- Amy

Affordable price, Great Job!

If someone is looking out for good mattresses sanitise service then I would recommend him to consider the Sam’s cleaning Sydney. They specialize in mattress cleaning along with carpet, curtain, duct,grout and tilecleaning. They are house to a number of experts who provide quality cleaning services at a very affordable price.
- Samuel

Splendid Mattress Cleaning Canberra

The natural warmth of the mattress and the dirt attracts insects and mites to subsist in the Mattress. Thus after a prolong time it makes your mattress dirty and stringy smelly. You need a professional care for your mattress maintenance. I booked Sams Cleaning the best service provider for Canberra. They impressed me with their service. You will not find any bad odour. Now the mattress is looking stain free also.
- Amelia
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