Our Carpet Cleaning Process

In this blog, I’m going to show you, step by step, what we do to provide you with the most thorough carpet cleaning possible. Our unique cleaning process has been specifically designed to follow the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning procedures. And this is really important because our process won’t void your carpet warranties like many other cleaning processes can.  Before we even start the cleaning process, the first thing we do is a thorough pre inspection of the entire carpet, wall to wall.  Now, this helps us identify the type of fibre we’re cleaning, the level of soiling, any obvious traffic patterns or any spot or stain that will need to be pre-treated.

Our process starts protecting your home and furnishings. We set out corner guards to protect walls, baseboards and furniture. We use drop cloths to protect wood floors and walk off mats to prevent tracking.

A thorough pre vacuuming is one of the most important steps in proper carpet cleaning. Yet so many carpet cleaners skip this step to save a little time. The most damaging soil in our carpet is the dry particulate soil that we do not see.

Human cleaning carpet in the living room using vacuum cleaner at home

We don’t just clean around your furniture, we clean underneath it as well. Your furniture is carefully moved using furniture glides to prevent any damage to the carpet. Then, after the carpet’s been cleaned, your furniture is replaced to its original location on plastic tabs or blocks.

All spots are treated by hand using specialty spotting products so we can get the best results without damaging the carpet. Now, occasionally, we may discover that the carpet has become stained and the stain is an area where the carpet fibres have actually become dyed or have a loss of colour and stains are non removable. But we promise that every effort will be made to remove the stain. And if we can’t get the stain out, nobody else can either.

Next step is a pre treatment. We have a handful of carefully selected products that we use, so based on what we learned from our inspection, we select just the right solution for your carpet. All of our pre treatments are safe, nontoxic and biodegradable, and they are all approved for use on stain resistant carpet.  Once the preconditioner has been applied, we use a hand groomer to work the cleaning solution deep into the carpet fibres. And this helps loosen embedded soil, remove those hard to vacuum pet hairs and prepares crushed or matted carpet pile for a deeper cleaning.

And after the carpets have been preconditioned and groomed, we allow plenty of dwell time for more effective soil removal.

Now we’re ready to start extracting the soil using one of the most powerful truck mounted extractors available. With water heated up to 250 degrees, we extract all the soil from the carpet fibres. We use a very slow and steady rinsing technique, followed by two to three drying passes.

During this process, the carpets are being rinsed with a neutralising conditioner that leaves the carpet feeling soft and fluffy. And completely free from any residues.

Once your carpets have been cleaned, conditioned and thoroughly rinsed, we groom the carpets one more time and this helps to reset the carpet pile, eliminate matting and speed up the drying process.

The final step is to set out high velocity downdraft air movers that are designed to pull warm, dry air from above and direct it in a powerful 360 degree pattern evenly across the floor, drying the carpet faster than ever.

And this process is exactly what we use to provide the most thorough cleaning possible with each and every job.

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Reviewed by: Ethan Wilson (Business Entrepreneur)

Ethan Wilson is a successful business entrepreneur with a passion for delivering exceptional carpet cleaning services. With 20+ years of experience in the industry, Ethan is committed to providing his clients with top-quality service and outstanding results. Ethan oversees all aspects of the business, from customer service to cleaning techniques. In addition to his hands-on work, Ethan stays up-to-date with the latest advancements in the carpet cleaning industry, ensuring that his team is always at the forefront of the latest techniques and technologies. He is also dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that all clients receive personalized attention and service tailored to their specific needs.

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