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Why Cat and Dog Urine Is Bad For Your Carpet?

Most people have pets at their home and carpet is the thing that is the best place for the pets to lay. Because carpets give them comfort as it protects them from the too cold or hot floor and makes it optimal to lay on. But there are some other factors too which can be very bad for you. One of those factors is the urine of your cat or dog. The urine of a cat or dog is not good for your carpets and yourself too. This is due to the following reasons.

Dog Urine Is Bad For Your Carpet

Demerits Of Pet Urine On Carpets

Hard Stains – Most of the people keep carpets at their place because it gives a good look to their place. But if your pet urinated on your carpet, it will undergo some reactions. This will leave a bad stain on the carpet. The carpet stain will be hard to remove and will defame the entire look of your carpet.

Foul Smell – If your pet did pee on your carpet and soon you are going to have guests at your place. This situation will be very awkward for you. This is because when a pet pees on a carpet, the carpet gets a bad smell. This smell can take the peace of your life and push you into a bad situation.

Infections – You should know that urine is the liquid waste material of the body. It contains a lot of chemicals along with some of the bacterias and viruses. When that urine is on the carpet, the bacterias will start making their colonies there. After some time the carpet will be completely infected by such bacterias. This can lead to a lot of bad diseases caused by dirty carpet for people living there.

Formation Of Moulds – When a cat or dog pees on the carpet and it is left over there for a long time, it can be very bad for your carpet and you. This is because the components present in the urine start attracting moisture to it. And after a long time, mould will start growing on the carpet. These moulds can cause a lot of diseases to people such as malaria, respiratory diseases, fungal infections etc.

Hire A Carpet Cleaning Expert

If your cat or dog has urinated on your carpet, soon you will start observing bad things with that carpet. Also, this can be very dangerous for you. To get rid of the above-mentioned situations you need to get your urine stain away from the carpet. In such a situation you need to call a carpet cleaning specialist at priority as they have the best preventive measures to protect your carpets from pet urine. Moreover, they can get the pet urinated carpets fixed very efficiently. Therefore, call Sams Cleaning Sydney at (02) 4058 2901 to get the best services and assistance for all of your carpet related issues and queries.