Smelly Soiled Carpets! Use This to Remove Any Odour Now!

Yes, it happens sometimes that you become too lazy or too engrossed in your work that you just have no time to look after your lovely carpets. You pass over it every day without a care, but suddenly you sense it, the sense of the presence of a smelly soiled carpet that hasn’t been cleaned in months.

Some people lose hope at this point, but you can always save your carpet, no matter how soiled or smelly it is. In this article, we will discuss the best things you can use to get rid of smelly soiled carpets forever.

Smelly Soiled Carpets
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Best Things You Can Use to Clean Your Smelly Soiled Carpets

As a matter of fact, there are plenty of Local Carpet Cleaning Sydney solutions out there that can help your clean even the toughest soiled carpets with the most horrible smell. These carpet cleaning solutions are discussed briefly below.

  • Ecos Breeze Fabric and Carpet Odour Eliminator –

    This spray is one of the best carpet odour removal solutions of all time. When applied, it not just masks the foul odour, but eliminates it completely from the root. It works wonderfully and is a confident solution for extremely smelly carpets.
  • Naturally It’s Clean Carpet Spot Treat –

    This is one of the best Carpet Stain Removal solutions you can ever find. Its plant based composition is not only strong enough to act on toughest of the stains, but also works wonders with pet accidents and rusk stains. It completely clears out the dirt particles leaving no traces of foul odour either.
  • Simple Green Natural Care –

    All your carpet related accidents can be easily managed by this one carpet cleaning solution. It is made up of a 100% naturally biodegradable formula, which contains only natural ingredients and minerals. It is your one stop solution for pet accidents, vomits, food spills, or any other carpet emergency.

Any of these cleaners from this list is a wonderful option to get rid of your smelly soiled carpets, and by getting rid, I only mean the smelly and soiled part.

Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Knowing how to clean the carpet is just a part of the job. In addition to that, you also have to remember the most common carpet cleaning mistakes and avoid them in order to safely clean the carpet without causing any further damage.

  • The most common mistake that everyone does is over shampooing the carpet, which might be due to either too much use of shampoo or not properly rinsing the carpet
  • Over wetting the carpet is another most common mistake done while carpet cleaning. If too much water is used then the backing and the pad can get wet, which might take a lot of time to dry, also sometimes too much water can cause discolouring of the carpet
  • Another most common mistake and a very dangerous is bringing in contact the wet carpet with the furniture, due to which many furniture particle may get stuck within the carpet and can leave a very dark stain
Professional Carpet Cleaning Service
Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

If you are not really confident about cleaning the carpet yourself, then it is always better to call the professionals. Carpet cleaning experts are well trained and experienced to solve any type of carpet related problems.

Why to Hire Us?

Everyone at Sams Cleaning Sydney is a carpet cleaning expert. We all strive together to provide the best carpet cleaning service possible. You can ask us for any type of carpet cleaning service such as Carpet stain removal, carpet odour removal, carpet sanitization, carpet disinfection, same day carpet cleaning and so on.

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