Reasons Behind Carpet Odours

We all just want to breathe in a clean and fresh atmosphere and this is also good for our health. Yet rarely do people smell an unpleasant thing which is common. Because everything, even the household furnishing items, gets dirty. 

When you smell very bad odours and can’t detect the area from where it is coming from, possibilities are there that it may come from the carpets. Carpets are made of soft and fluffy fabric that spread various types of unpleasant odours after getting damp. 

Carpet odours should be treated on time, because they can later contaminate the entire environment. You can go for a professional carpet cleaning service provider if you want to get rid of the dirty carpet odours. 

Reasons Behind Carpet Odours
Reasons Behind Carpet Odours

Reasons Behind Carpet Odours

  • Alcohol:

    Alcohol spills on the carpet are one of the main factors behind carpet odours.  Alcohol has a very strong smell that can last for a long time inside the carpet fibres. The scent of alcohol circulates quickly throughout the air and it can quickly smell everyone. Alcohol also deteriorates the fabrics of the carpet, so you don’t have to drink while sitting on the carpet, nor you should use the carpets to put the glasses and bottles on it.
  • Pet Urine:

    Pet urine also has a very strong smell that easily spreads out into the air. The smells of pet urine completely contaminate the entire house environment. Even it damages the carpet fibres as well. The smells of pet urine can stay throughout the air for a long time and contaminate the air quality. If you touch pet urine it can also lead to health infections.
  • Wet Carpets:

    Sometimes carpets get wet due to various reasons. And carpets easily absorb water which later becomes dirty odours. Damp carpets contain very bad smells that rapidly spread out throughout the air. Rainwater and flood can also lead to the carpet odours that are not easily removable.
Behind Carpet Odour Service
Behind Carpet Odour Service

Call The Professionals

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