The Persian Nain Rug Carpets

Welcome to Sams Cleaning Sydney we would like to take you on a fantastic journey to Nain and show you the culture how the Nain rug carpets are crafted?

This is very the small city of Nain located just west of the Great Salt desert – Dasht-i Kavīr in central Iran 140 kilometres east of Isfahan, and the city has approximately 25,000 inhabitants 9 has a desert climate which generally means hot summers and cold winters the building sare made of brick or sun-dried clay with wind powers for ventilation and are built partially underground to provide protection against the summer temperature tall octagonal minaret was added to the mosque approximately 700 years ago.

Mosaic patterns on the mosque dome have often been a source of inspiration for designers rigour of watermill is an ancient cannon base water mill whose age is unknown although some historians believe that it dates back to the pre-Islamic era the mill itself is placed almost 28 metres underground and the access corridor is approximately 133 meters long.

Carpet Rug Cleaning Service
Carpet Rug Cleaning Service

This is the only place in the country where visitors can get inside a living flowing cannot although, since the advent of electricity to grind the wheat and barley this water mill has become apart of history besides its magnificent monuments, nine is also famous for high-quality carpets and woollen textiles.

Although they did not begin the art of carpet weaving until approximately 50 years ago nine carpets shown many similarities with those from Isfahan the designs are elegant and rich in detail with common motifs such as trees and flowers the field of the carpet often has graceful images of birds and other animals.

Process of Making Persian Nain Rug Carpets

The density of the finesse determines the carpet of the warp threads the thinner the warp the dense of the carpets a frequency of 1 million knots per square meter is not unusual the fringe can be made of woollen or silk warp, and the weft of cotton or silk an elegant rug from 9 is much like a precious jewel setting the thread requires exceptional accuracy for the carpet to keep its shape.

The looms in nine are vertical with technical features to keep the warp taut the Weaver hangs different coloured balls of yarn above them and in front, of them, they place the pattern that they are following beside the loom the tools that they use is a knife with a hook on end a pair of scissors and a heavy comb to pack together the different weaves the weavers take a piece of yarn which they thread around to walk before tightening and cutting off the excess at times

Rug Carpets Cleaning Service
Rug Carpets Cleaning Service

The Weaver will change the colour of the yarn to follow the pattern when the rows are completed the weaver threads couple of weft threads between the warps to keep the knots in place before using the heavy comb to pack it all down when the carpet is finished, it is cut down from the loom, and the warp threads are tied together to form a fringe occasionally.

The short ends are decorated with a narrow woven edge skilled Weaver’s can handle approximately 8,000 knots per day on a rug with the width of a hundred centimetres and a knot density of 1million per square meter the Weaver may complete 8 millimetres per day if the carpet is 150 centimetres long it can take 200 days or approximately one year to complete cuff.

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