Get Rid Of Oil Stains From The Carpet

Carpet suffer stains almost all times. Stains can be very damaging for the carpet and can also cause permanent damage as well. Out of the stains, oil stains are considered the worst. Oil stains with time get permanently fixed on the carpet. Oil stains trap a lot of dirt, dust and debris and lead to darkening of the carpet stain.

There can be many sources of oil stains like wax, lotion, eggnog, butter, mayonnaise, cream and cooking oil. Ignoring oil stain removal from the carpet can lead to permanent damage and compromise of the beauty of the carpet. Hire professional carpet cleaning services in Sydney to get rid of oil stains from the carpet effectively. Sams Cleaning Sydney is providing you with some steps to get rid of oil stains from the carpet.

Follow the steps given below and say goodbye to oil stains today.

Carpet Oil Stain Removal
Carpet Oil Stain Removal

Things you Will be Needing:

  1. Spare Clothes or cleaning papers
  2. Carpet oil removing soap or detergent
  3. CornStarch or Baby powder
  4. Vacuum
  5. Water

Steps for Carpet Oil Stain Removal:

  • Step 1: Freshen the oil stain first by adding some oil or glycerin to the pre-existing stain. This glycerine will add fluidity to the stain and help in Carpet Oil Stain Removal.
  • Step 2: Start dabbing the stain with an absorbent cloth or a paper towel. Keep dabbing to absorb all the extra oil present. Don’t press the stain firmly as the oil can spread out.
  • Step 3: Now pour some cornstarch or baby powder on the stain for carpet oil stain removal. Brush the stain again and again to remove all the debris. Now pour some more cornstarch and cover the oil stain with it completely. Leave the powder on the stain for an hour.
  • Step 4: After an hour you can bring your vacuum cleaner. Run the cleaner on the stain and extract all the cornstarch powder from it. Clean the stain repeatedly to remove all the dirt and powder left.
  • Step 5: For persistence and deterrent stains you can use oil removing soap as well. Just a brush to wash the stain with soap and water. Keep brushing till the oil stains slowly fade away.
  • Step 6: Dry the stain now by putting two towels one above and one below the stain. Extract all the water and oily fluid present and keep repeating to completely dry it out.
Professional Carpet Oil Stain Removal
Professional Carpet Oil Stain Removal

Professional Assistance: Sams Cleaning Sydney

Sam’s Cleaning Sydney provides its customers will all kinds of professional carpet cleaning services. Our professional carpet cleaners can deliver the best carpet oil stain removal in no time. Our professional Carpet Cleaning Services are available for you at affordable costs. Hire Sam’s Cleaning Sydney today and get routine Carpet Cleaning in Sydney and carpet stain removal service delivered on the same day of hiring.

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