5 Tips to keep yourself infection-free from CoronaVirus

The panic due to the spread of CoronaVirus is around the globe and the same is the story in Australia. This virus is spreading at a very high-rate and the Earth has already seen deaths in different parts of the world.

With every passing day, their effects and the number of people infected with the virus are increasing. Thus it becomes very important to know and understand the tips which can be helpful to keep you free of the coronavirus infection.

Before knowing about the tips to keep yourself safe let us share something important about this virus and the disease. 

It is one of the virus types that are responsible for respiratory illness and the disease is called COVID-19. Its “common symptoms are cough, fever and shortness of breath”. The symptoms are visible in people within 14 days of exposure to the virus. It started in China, December 2019 and now it is in more than 100 countries. It spreads from person to person and is diagnosed with the laboratory test. Yet, there is no permanent cure so taking precautions is the only way.

Keep Yourself Free of CoronaVirus Infection

Tips to Keep Yourself Free of CoronaVirus Infection:

Practice Personal Hygiene

  • Use any other way for greeting your colleagues than shaking hands. 
  • Clean your hands every time you touch something or sanitise yourself. 
  • Pay online in place of cash. 
  • Disinfect the surfaces of the things in your house which are being touched by some random person. 
  • Keep the air control system in order and breathe in the fresh air. 
  • Buy an air-purifying mask for yourself.

Far From The Crowd

  • Avoid your presence at the booking counters by doing it online.
  • Stop or limit your visit to the places where more number of people are generally seen as a cinema hall and market. 
  • Transact online wherever you can to quickly get out of the place. 
  • Be cautious while taking out cash from the ATM. Sanitise yourself after and before the visit. 

While Travelling

  • Let the windows of the vehicles in which you are travelling remain open.
  • If possible travel alone or only along with masked people. 
  • Keep yourself sanitising every time you feel the need. 
  • Take the edibles and necessary items for self. Do not use the items used by others. 

The above tips are for individuals to take care of themselves. These are very common steps an individual can follow as a word of precaution. 

Let us know some tips to make your home and households safe:

For All Households

  • Say everyone not to forget to wash and sanitise their hands. 
  • Keep a check on every item in the house and sanitise and disinfect them after a regular interval.
  • Increase the level of ventilation and fresh air inside the house. Be masked and tell others to do the same. 
  • Tell the kids to avoid the general habit of touching mouth and nose. 

House with senior citizens and sick persons

  • The person involved in taking care of them should remain sanitised all the time. Old or sick people can get infected with the virus more easily than others. 
  • If possible arrange a protected or separate place for them.
  • The utensils being used for them should be separate and cleaned every time. 
  • Let the only one member take care of the sick person. 
Corona-Virus Infections


It’s a virus and already in the air but being a responsible service provider of different cleaning service, it is Sams Cleaning duty to let its customers know about this virus and the disease. It is easy to understand that cleaning and sanitisation is one of the important aspects to keep yourself safe from the infection. So, besides following the above tips you can also consider the cleaning of different things in your houses like carpet, upholstery, tile and grouts, ducts, blinds and curtains and mattress. For this, you can hire our professional cleaners. 

Let us know your thoughts about it in the comment section, for more awesome cleaning tips keep visiting Sams Cleaning.

Reviewed by: Ethan Wilson (Business Entrepreneur)

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