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Are you tired of the unprofessional carpet cleaning services? We got your back. Our company offers great quality carpet solutions. We are an expert in professional house and office carpet cleaning. Keep your house beautiful and attractive by maintaining the carpets. Sams Cleaning Orange offers professional services and uses less harmful products for cleaning. Also, our team is very quick and speedy with their work. Therefore, don’t wait anymore. Try professional treatment and we assure you will love the outcome of it.

Carpet Cleaning Orange

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DIY vs Professional Carpet cleaning

This is one of the biggest concerns about clients. Whether to choose a professional carpet cleaning service. Or DIY is a good solution too. Here are some of the points to consider why professional treatment is better:

  • Increases lifespan of your carpets.
  • Helps to remove all the nasty stains from your carpets. Gets rid of all the oil and grease too.
  • Maintains the texture of the carpet. Helps in keeping carpets lustrous.
  • Professional cleaners use appropriate detergents and cleansers too.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services

Are you looking for affordable carpet cleaning services in Orange? Our company offers great carpet cleaning services. Our staff is professionally skilled. Also, they are trained with great experience in carpet cleaning. Usually carpet cleaning services are very expensive. As the methods require usage of advanced tools and equipment. But, we make it super affordable and available to all the people in Australia.

Therefore, book your next affordable carpet cleaning service with us.

Why choose our carpet cleaning service in Orange?

  • Affordable pricing – We provide the cheapest carpet cleaning services in the city of Orange.
  • Industrial experience – Our company has the industry experience of 20 years. Therefore, we provide top notch carpet cleaning services.
  • Revolutionary carpet cleaning methods – Our team researches and uses the best carpet cleaning methods. Thus, all our methods are super efficient, quick and durable.
  • Environmentally positive – The equipment and products we use have no negative impact on the environment and also pets and kids at your home.
  • Great customer reviews – Because of our efficiency and honesty, our customers trust us. Therefore, we have received positive reviews about our services.

Carpet cleaning services we provide

  1. Carpet stain removal – Stains is the biggest concern about carpets. They are stubborn and can ruin the fabric of the carpets. Therefore, we use extensive cleansing methods. This removes the toughest stains like gravy and paints. Also, our team will blot all the stains effectively. Giving your carpet a new look it deserves.
  2. Carpet steam cleaning and hot water extraction – This is one of the most effective and reliable solutions for dirty carpets. Heavy equipment is used to spray hot water on the carpets. Furthermore, it is done at high pressure. Thus, removing all the possible dirt and contamination.
  3. Carpet odour removal – Odours from carpets can be a big issue. They develop from rotten stains and food on carpets. The dirt accumulated makes the carpets stink really bad. Moreover, spreading it throughout the house. Our team will get rid of the odours by cleansing it thoroughly.
  4. Carpet mould removal – We use experienced methods to get rid of moulds. Firstly, moulds develop due to the moisture in carpets. Thus, to kill them we use the dry ice blasting method. And also we thoroughly steam clean the carpets. Furthermore, the main aim is to kill moisture. Thus, let carpets sun dry completely after the process.
  5. Carpet sanitization – Our team members are professionals. They have great knowledge about carpets. Thus, we use quality detergents and cleansers to maintain the luster of the carpets. We also provide sanitization service to keep away bacteria and allergens.
  6. End of lease carpet cleaning – Do you need an end of lease carpet cleaning service? Book your quotation today with us. We provide speedy services. Also our customer care provides quick responses to your queries.
  7. Carpet shampooing – If you are looking for a thorough cleansing then this method is the best for you. Carpets collect a lot of dust and dirt which we are unaware of. Thus, a general regular shampooing is a must to keep them new.


Do your carpet cleaning services leave a nice scent behind ?

Yes, a clean carpet will always smell fresh and good. Therefore, our services are top notch. Also the products we use are of great quality.

What kind of stains can you clean?

We can clean any kind of stain on your carpet. Dyes, paints, nail polish, wine, alcohol, and food stains. If you want a specific stain to get removed, call our customer care to know about it.

Can you remove pet odours and urine ?

Definitely. We can get rid of the smell by getting rid of the urine from the carpets. This will be done once the carpet is thoroughly cleaned.


William had 3 carpets to get cleaned. Firstly, our team made the required space for cleaning. Secondly, they performed a carpet shampooing method. It took approximately 3 hours for the process. Therefore, William gave us a 5 star rating. He was overjoyed with the smell of fresh carpets.

The Best Part of Working in The City of Orange

Orange is a city in the Central Tablelands region of Australia. There are beautiful botanical gardens, museums and mountains around the city. Thus, it makes it easy to work in such a place. It always feels like a pleasure to work in Orange City of NSW, Australia.