Carpet Cleaning Burwood

Hear from the Most Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Burwood 

We are a proud carpet cleaning company in the city of Burwood. Our company is a very reliable source for carpet cleaning. Our staff is very happy with their job. They work really hard to keep the customers satisfied. We won’t disappoint you. Sams Cleaning Burwood believes to keep our clients on the top. Therefore, don’t waste time and hurry up. 

Carpet Cleaning Burwood

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Glance Into The Services Given at Burwood

  • Carpet stain removal – Stains can be very hard to get rid of from the carpets. Thus, we use extensive methods to do it. 
  • Carpet shampooing – This is one of the basic methods to clean the carpets. We just use a really effective solution. And thoroughly cleanse the carpets. 
  • Carpet odour removal – To remove odours, carpets should be cleaned properly. Hence, we first cleanse the carpet and then remove the leftover stains. 
  • Carpet steam cleaning and hot water extraction – Yes, carpets can be steamed clean. But there is special equipment to do so. It requires patience and experience to perform it. 
  • Carpet mould removal – Using the best method, we first clean the carpets. To remove moulds we use anti fungal products. Also, it is eco friendly. 
  • Carpet Sanitization – We spray a home friendly sanitizer on the carpets. This will prevent allergens and other diseases causing germs to grow. 
  • End of lease carpet cleaning – Hire us for the most affordable end of lease carpet cleaning services. Our company won’t disappoint you. Treat your home good before moving out. 

Tips and Tricks for Carpet Cleaning at Home 

There are some steps that should be done which will keep your carpets clean and fresh throughout the year. 

  • Vacuuming regularly – Firstly, vacuum the carpets twice or thrice a week. This will prevent build ups. Thus, keeps your carpets dust-free and allergen-free.
  • Stains – Did your child spill something on the carpet? Well treat it immediately. Blot the stains. Secondly, use a detergent or homemade solution on it. Keep it for a few hours and blot it again.
  • Regular professional treatment – Another important step is to call a professional carpet cleaners. This should be done once in every 6-12 months. It is a one time investment and will save you a lot of money. 

Looking for a Timely Carpet Cleaning Service Provider in Burwood? 

One of the qualities of a reliable carpet cleaning company is timely service. The staff arrival should be on the date and time fixed for you. Therefore, our team will be at your home whenever you ask for it. Secondly, our staff is friendly and communicative. 

Therefore, call us on our customer care to hire our team now! 

Why Choose Our Carpet Cleaning Services in Burwood? 

These are some of the facts that make us better than others. Our company is a renowned carpet cleaning service provider in Burwood. 

  • Eco friendly products – Firstly, all the products we use are eco friendly chemicals and solutions. They are pet friendly too. Therefore, save your stress about this. 
  • Reliable services – Our team is very hard working. They do their job efficiently without causing any chaos at your place. The methods we use are the best practices. Therefore, it makes us the most reliable company. 
  • Company experience – The company has gone through its own ups and downs. But, we have served the citizens of Burwood for 20 years. 
  • Affordable pricing options – Also, our services are affordable when compared to others. Because we focus purely on giving the best service to our customers. 
  • Excellent customer care service – Our customer care service is one of the best in the town. We are always there to clear your queries. 

Furthermore, it is pretty easy to work with us. Call us today to book your next quotation.


Why should carpets be cleaned regularly?

The fibres of carpets get contaminated with all the dust with time. Therefore, if carpets are cleaned regularly it helps in removing the dirt from the surface. Furthermore, prevents build ups.

Do you use pet friendly products on carpets?

Yes, we use pet friendly products on the carpets. They are safe for you and your family.

Do you remove vomit from the carpets?

Yes, we can clean the vomits from the carpets too.


Annie booked an early quotation with us. She chose end of lease service from us. Our team reached her place in 2 hours as requested. We performed a steam cleaning method as it is quick and easy. Therefore, Annie was completely satisfied with our service.

Our Experience in Burwood 

Working in the city of Burwood was a pretty exciting experience. We could give services to numerous clients. Therefore, we loved being in the city.

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