Carpet Cleaning Auburn

DIY vs Professional Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to carpet cleaning, a question always arises. Can carpets be cleaned on your own? is that better than professional carpet cleaning? Here are some of the points to get you to decide which one’s better. 

  • Longevity of carpets – Carpets are made of wool, nylon and other fibres. If not taken proper cleaning and preventive measures. It will reduce the lifespan of your carpets. Professionals do a thorough cleansing thus, it doesn’t erode the quality of carpets. 
  • Grimes and dusts – Carpets are low maintenance. But, if not taken proper steps can increase the amount of dirt in it. It is not possible for you to get rid of them completely. Therefore, professionals use equipment specially made for it.

Hence, professional help will save you time and money.

Emergency Carpet Cleaning Services in Auburn 

Thinking of getting your carpets cleaned? But you don’t have time to wait for another week. No worries. Our company provides professional emergency carpet cleaning service. In no time, our team will be present at your home. The cleaning process takes around 2 hours depending on the situation. Also you just have to sit and relax. We will take care of everything. Leaving behind a super clean carpet and home. 

Book an appointment right now and save your time! 

What’s So Special About Us ? 

Our company provides carpet cleaning services in Auburn. But then why would you choose us? What makes us better than others? 

  • Quality of our services – Well, we have been in business for a good amount of time. Thus, it makes us a trustworthy company in Auburn. 
  • Experience – Talking about experience, our company has been providing carpet cleaning services for 20 years. This makes us reliable. 
  • Our staff – The company’s staff is excellent with the services. They are quick and won’t mess up your home during the cleaning process.
  • People’s first – We keep our customers on the pedestal. We provide emergency and speedy services also. 
  • Super affordable quotation – Therefore, along with professionalism and quality services, we give them at a reasonable cost. 

Services offered in Auburn  

  1. Carpet steam cleaning and hot water extraction – Our company gives affordable steam cleaning services. 
  2. Carpet stain removal – Stains like tea, coffee, oil, alcohol, chocolates, dog dirt and much more. We take care of all of them with extensive cleaning. 
  3. Carpet mould removal –  With all these stains comes fungus and moulds. They spread and grow. Also, are capable of causing allergies. Thus, we will get rid of them too. 
  4. Carpet odour removal – Odours are another big problem. All our intense cleaning methods will leave your carpets smelling super fresh. 
  5. Carpet sanitisation – Many times customers ask for sanitization of carpets. We give them at a low cost for you. 
  6. Carpet shampooing – Shampooing the carpets is a really effective process. Our after cleaning services are great. 
  7. End of Lease Carpet Cleaning – Looking for an affordable and quick end of lease carpet cleaning service in Auburn? Hence, we will offer the best service to you. 

Book an Appointment With the Most Reliable Carpet Cleaning Service Provider in Auburn 

Tired of the unclean carpets at home? Well, it’s time to get professional treatment for it. Our friendly staff will guide and deliver the best service to you. Our carpet restoration process will make you very much satisfied. Sams Cleaning Auburn  has become trustworthy with all the experience and services we have given till now. Therefore, stop thinking and start booking now. Call us on our 24*7 available customer care 02 4058 2901 now!


How is the carpet steam cleaning process done?

An equipment is used which carries hot water in it. The carpet cleaners will clear out the space of the particular room. Hot water or steam is sprayed using a powerful vacuum at a very high pressure on the carpets.

How to clean carpets on my own at home?

Firstly, carpets require regular cleaning and prevention methods. Vacuum 2-3 times a week. Secondly, remove stains immediately from the carpets. Don’t wipe them. Just blot the stains. You can make a homemade cleaning solution using vinegar and baking soda. Don’t forget to get your carpets cleaned professionally once every 12 months.

How quickly can I get an appointment for my carpets or upholstery cleaning?

Therefore, you can book an appointment by calling on our customer care. Also, depending on the type of service you choose, we will get back to you in an hour.


Peter requested for an emergency service with us in Auburn. Hence, our team was sent to his place in an hour. Also, it was only one carpet cleaning task. Therefore, the team used a hot water extraction method as it seemed the most suitable for his carpet. The process took around an hour. Peter was super happy and felt stress free with the quickness of the process. 

Our Experience in Auburn City  

Auburn is a beautiful place with population over 37,366. Filled with love and greenery around. The homes are built in a very impressive way. Our company loved working in the City. And we look forward to working with people here.

Auburn NSW, Australia
Latitude: 32.609856, and Longitude: -85.480782